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June 20th, 2018

Showtime 2018

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Thursday, October 4th 2018

15 ans de carrière de Marie-Elaine Thibert au profit de Paradoxe

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Sunday, October 14th 2018

10 ans de Quartom


In 2010 Groupe Paradoxe, a non-profit that supports social and professional insertion in the audio-visual field, acquired the historical church Notre-Dame du Perpétuel Secours and imagined a visionary plan to keep the church benefiting the community. 


With its impressive volume and unique architecture the space was ideal for the project: convert the church into a venue with 3 main goals:

  • Professional Integration: Offer a home base for the Groupe Paradoxe social integration program. Every year thirty at-risk young adults are offered technical training in the audio-visual field, for which they are paid. Their training allows them to experience real working conditions, as it occurs in an actual working theatre. In addition to technical training, they are offered psycho-social support, internships, and help returning to school or work. 85% of the trainees who complete the program go on to join the work force or decide to go back to their studies.


  • Respect of the Environment: This objective was in mind since the very conception of the project by preserving the architectural features of the church and reusing its furniture. For instance, benches were reconverted into bars. Groupe Paradoxe, as a technical service provider for exterior shows and events deplored the degree of environmental reflectance in this industry. This is why, in addition to the preservation and conversion of our architectural heritage, they invested in low consumption lighting for the stage and the hall (LED, fluocompact). They also moved their premises right next to the theater so the theater benefit from all the equipment. This measure limit CO2 emission linked to transportation of rental equipment. We at Theatre Paradoxe also limit the use of plastic by using real dishware or reusable “Ecocups” and we recycle everything that can be.


  • Revitalization of Ville-Emard’s neighborhood in  Montreal’s South West: by stimulating cultural and economic growth. Theatre Paradoxe aims to offer an eclectic and affordable programming. Many efforts are done to work with alternative producers and start-ups while involving other professional insertion non-profits.


On February 12th 2014, after three years of intense labor, Theatre Paradoxe finally opened its doors to the public!


Behind its massive wooden doors and stone facade, is now a highly adaptable venue. Original stained-glass windows give a unique signature to events taking place there. Whether for a show, a launch, a corporate event, a video/photo shoot or a wedding, our modular structures can transform the space to suit your needs. Please share your project with us.


Theatre Paradoxe is the opportunity to make events differently.

Do you wish to support our cause? Donations are gladly accepted!
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Our theatre is labelled «Ecoresponsible Venue Gold Status» for the constant commitment to limit our impact on the environment while supporting social and economic development.  

Press Release (FR)

Scène Écoresponsable


Theatre Paradoxe is proud to be the winner of the “Prix du Public” for the contest Les Vivats 2015  which rewards best practices in Eco-responsible events. 



Prix Novae de l’Entreprise citoyenne, which rewards best practices in sustainable development and social responsibility in Quebec, declared Théâtre Paradoxe winner in the business strategy category.


Théâtre Paradoxe
Théâtre Paradoxe